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Please Review Our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What should I bring to my appointment?

You should bring:

  • a list of your current medications

  • insurance card(s)

  • photo identification

  • method of payment (sorry, no checks)

Does your office accept insurance?

Yes. We accept most insurance plans.  Call us today @ 601-501-6991 for more information.  Also insurance carriers consider our office as a SPECIALIST provider, that may affect your payment.  

How can I view my X-rays and lab results?

If the River City Medical and Arthritis Center has ordered tests for you, then log into the Patient Portal to view results and records.  You can even grant access to your online records to any family members you choose. 

Does this office accept credit cards for payments?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express in addition to cash and debit cards.  We do not accept checks or money orders at this time.

Can I reschedule my appoinment?

Yes, rescheduling is easy. To avoid a late cancellation fee, call us a full 24 hours before your appointment. 

We will be happy to reschedule you for a new 

Sometimes life gets hectic.  If you have an appointment coming up and you are not sure if you can attend then give us a call.  We can cancel the appointment and then once you are ready we can find a new appointment that works better for you.  This does two  things:

  1. You avoid being charged a fee for missing an appointment

  2. You allow another patient to receive the care they need.

To avoid a late cancellation fee, call us a full 24 hours before your appointment.

Do I have to pay at the time of my appointment?

Yes. Any deductibles, copayments or co-insurance are due at the time of service. The specific amount of your financial responsibility is determined by your health plan as either a fixed dollar amount or a fixed percentage of the contract allowable amount. Please refer to your health plan for more specific information on financial responsibility.

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