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Video Visits NEW

  • There will always be a need to see patients in-person. However, many patients may find comfort in not having to leave home. The video visit is very similar to an in-person visit. The provider will review your progress, discuss your treatment options, and even write a prescription when appropriate. 

What Is Needed

  • Any cell phone with a "selfie" camera 


  • Any tablet with a camera 


  • Any computer with a camera 


How This Works 

  • On appointment day we call you.

  • We then notify the doctor/nurse practitioner that you are ready

  • She will then send a special invitation link to your device.

  • You click on the link.

  • dsf

  • Your phone will ask you to allow your camera to be on.

  • Once you are now ready for video! 

Who is Eligible 

  • At this time we are limiting video visits to existing patients only.

Who is Not Eligible 

  • First time patients of River City Medical and Arthritis Center. 

Call us if you are interested in a visit by video

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